TWO BANGLES – is the new trendy brand of women's jewelry made of silver, which goes to the Russian market in 2015. This long-awaited event for all urban fashionistas, who have creative mind and stylish girls having good taste and a sense of humor.

TWO BANGLES – it's your personal story, mood, moments and events that you can capture in their bracelets.

TWO BANGLES – this character is a hint, it's status, it's a yours message. It's you!

That concept of bracelets became a hit in Europe and America. Girls in London, Sydney, Rome, New York and Paris are gathering their collections with great enthusiasm. Each bracelet - it is the nature of its owner, it's outlook on life, it's best moments. Now, ladies in Moscow will join the ranks of the world's most stylish women living in cities.

TWO BANGLES – a brand with a European history, soaked with sentiment bustling New York City, with a hint of romantic Paris, refined taste aristocratic London. And now with the Moscow accent! The creation of collections for the Russian market was attended by the best designers of the capital, and the company "Bronnitsy Jewelry" has the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute the brand in Russia, the company has vast experience of production of jewelry of any complexity. Bracelets will be manufactured in Russia, which allows continuous monitoring of the process of creating jewelry and introduce new design and playing with styles. That is why the quality control of the production will be done at the highest level.

Of what it will be made?

All collections of TWO BANGLES suspension are made of 925 silver. The base bracelet is a jewelry alloy of high quality, which is confirmed by certificate. You may see certificates.